• Невероятна морска панорама
  • Открит басейн
  • Барбекю зона
  • Чист въздух
  • Красиво озеленен и професионално поддържан двор
  • Места за отдих и релакс
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Местоположението на комплекса осигурява редица удобства: невероятна морска панорама, чист въздух, добра пътна инфраструктура, лесен и удобен достъп по всяко време на годината, близост до автобусна спирка на градски транспорт, непосредствена близост до плажа с бърз и удобен достъп пеша, тишина, спокойна атмосфера и всичко това в комбинация осигурява една здравословна среда на живот.

Жилищен комплекс
от затворен тип

Top Offers

from 165000 EUR


Площ: from 183 m²

ID: 16302
Описание: Apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms for sale in Briz quarter

from 58500 EUR


Площ: from 59 m²

ID: 20192
Описание: One and two-bedroom apartments in a new gated complex in the area of Saint Konstantin and Elena

309000 EUR


Площ: from 200 m²

ID: 20541
Описание: New house for sale with sea view in Vinica district

111000 EUR


Площ: from 131 m²

ID: 19816
Описание: Maisonette for sale in the area of Trakia LK

from 50300 EUR


Площ: from 72 m²

ID: 15586
Описание: Sea view apartments on the beach in White Lagoon

66712 EUR


Площ: from 67 m²

ID: 19511
Описание: One-bedroom apartment in a new complex for sale in the resort Saint Konstantin and Elena

from 49900 EUR


Площ: from 70 m²

ID: 17628
Описание: Apartments in a modern building under construction, Kolhozen pazar, Varna

from 103400 EUR


Площ: from 68 m²

ID: 19990
Описание: One and two bedroom apartments in a new building in Chaika, meters from the sea garden of Varna

Welcome to the website of Accent Invest - www.accentinvest.com.

Here you will find useful information about various properties – for sale and for rent. If you are looking to buy a house, apartment, building plot of land or agricultural land – www.accentinvest.com is the right place.

The database of Accent Invest offers you a huge variety of properties - apartments, offices, houses, villas, plots, shops, warehouses, and interesting facts and recent news from the field of construction and the real estate market in Bulgaria and other countries.

The website will offers you lots of useful information related to sales, rentals and real estate management. We hope it will be most useful to you.

The website www.accentinvest.com has launched in June 2008, as a corporate website of Accent Invest – one of the successful and leading Bulgarian real estate agencies, based on the Black Sea coast, in the Sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna.

Here you can find not only real estate offers provided by Accent Invest, but much more information that could be useful, if you decide to purchase a property in Bulgaria or to get the right direction in this so dynamic sector of the Bulgarian economy.

Each of the properties on the website – inland, mountainous and seaside, has a detailed description. In the detailed description of each property can be found useful information not only for the actual property (apartment, villa, house, cottage, land, office, warehouse etc.), but interesting facts about the locality, neighborhood, area schools, kindergartens, etc. This is to enable the customer, to be well oriented in the place of his/her future home.

Important place in the website of Accent Invest is devoted to the various options for searching of real estates in our database.

Proposed by Accent Invest concept, is the huge variety of ways to access the information, about the property you are searching for.

The first way is to select one of the buttons - “apartments”, “houses”, “business properties”, “warehouses”, “plots” (land) or „for rent” and see our suggestions for all properties presented in the group.

The second way is to use the field "property search" by entering your search criteria for a specific property – type of the property: residential property, commercial property, industrial property or other type (apartment, villa, cottage, house, plot, office, warehouse, hotel, seaside, mountainous or inland), region, price etc. In this section you are able to choose from pre-selected areas - for example, Varna city: Vinnitsa, Cveten, Levski, Asparuhovo, Center, Wide Center, Chataldzha, Briz, Kabakum, Kolhozen pazar, Chaika, West Industrial Zone etc.

Third way for searching is – by using the fields “for sale” and “for rent”, where you can find real estates only for sale or only for rent.

Fourth way for searching is by using the field “properties - quick find", where you will find only selected properties of a particular type of pre-selected criteria – one room, two rooms, three rooms, penthouses, offices, houses, villas etc.

For exapmple, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Varna - you should click on the link - apartments for sale in Varna, if you are looking for apartments for rent in Varna – you should select apartments for rent in Varna, if you are looking for an apartment with exact number of rooms (one - bedroom, two- bedrooms, three-bedrooms etc.) – we have selected groups of apartments and other types of real estates that you can use.

If you are looking for a warehouse for sale in Varna, just click on the link warehouses for sale in Varna. If you are looking for warehouse for rent in Varna, you should select the link warehouses for rent in Varna.

We offer the most simple and convenient way to search. You can choose a specific type or group of properties at your request (studio, one bedroom apartment, two bedrooms apartment, penthouse, attic or all apartments, offices or just the whole group of Business Properties, apartments for rent, only or all Group of properties for rent, including offices, shops and warehouses.

The result you will get will include all proposals of that type of property or a group of real estates contained in the database of our agency.

By clicking on any of the properties shown in the results, you will find the detailed information about the property. The detailed description allows you to: view the full information about the chosen property, photos, view from the property (mountainous view, sea view, lake view, forest view, etc.) learn useful information about the region or neighborhood in which the property is located.

Did you know...

The website of Accent Invest - www.accentinvest.com, contains TOP offers, for sale and for rent, shown in the home page of the website. The TOP offers present properties which are worth to buy and have the best features and price.

As a result of our cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign real estate agencies, construction companies and investors, we offer to our clients a huge variety of professional services:

  • Consultations about projects;
  • Full assistance in purchasing;
  • Mortgage Assistance;
  • Legal advices;
  • Rent-a-car;
  • Accommodation;
  • Assistance with moving in the new home;
  • Market valuations
  • Renovation and building works with regular updates;
  • Advise and help finding the best specialists in other branches of the business;
  • Airport pick up;