Parliamentary eco-committee supported the creation of a national park "Black Sea"


After yesterday the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Development approved the project for a moratorium on the disposal transactions and construction on public lands in the Black Sea, today it was supported by the Environment Committee. MPs from the committee approved the proposal to work for the creation of a national park \"Black Sea\" to protect Irakli, Karadere, Kamchiya, Krapetz, Shabla lakes, Coral, Arkoutino, Dunes and Maslen of construction. Left launched a similar idea in the 41st National Assembly. Then the Reds were not satisfied with the changes in the Law on the Black Sea coast,... More >

Airport Varna opens next week


The full exploitation of the airport \\\"Varna\\\" will begin on February 29. This was announced by the governor Dancho Simeonov. Airport stopped working because of repair of October 15 last year. In connection with implementing the National Programme for safety in civil aviation by 8:00 this Friday will be refunded standard security and access control at the airport. More >

Hillary Clinton in Bulgaria


Bulgarian-U.S. relations are wide and thorough, says Hillary Clinton The relations between our two countries are wide and thorough, visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said at a press conference in the Council of Ministers, FOCUS News Agency reported. It is a great pleasure for me to be here, convince myself in the progress you have made and keep on being together on your way of strengthening democracy. Together we will take the challenges of the 21st century, she said further. I applaud the Bulgarian government for its Roma integration initiative, added Hillary Clinton, who is... More >

Bulgaria entered a visa-free regime for holders of Schengen visas


Holders of Schengen visas can visit and stay in Bulgaria without Bulgarian visas Today the Government on the proposal of the Prime Minister decides that until the date of full integration of Bulgaria into the Schengen area, Bulgaria will apply to holders of valid Schengen visas. With this decision Bulgaria will apply the Schengen acquis. Under the decision of the owners listed visas and residence permits are entitled to enter and reside in the Republic of Bulgaria for a period of not more than three months in any six-month period from the date of first entry, without owning a Bulgarian visa... More >

Architects offer a skyscraper for 100 thousand people in London


According to designers the high buildings are the most promising for London. Experts estimate that every year until 2016 in London housing need will be for about 100 thousand people. Designers from offer a solution to the shortage of housing - 1500m tower with space enough for 100 thousand people. Architects believe that the future of British capital is high in housing, which they believe will better meet increased demand. Moreover, the construction of skyscrapers will cross the trend of development of land around London, which arise on small towns gravitating around... More >

A country without property crisis


In the period 2007-2009, while in Bulgaria per year, house prices increased on average by about 40% annually, in Luxembourg, the value of real estate declined. Only at the end of 2009 and, in the little Duchy of housing began to rise. A low interest loan (2.27%) only led more customers to proceed with the purchase of an apartment. In the second quarter of this year house prices have risen by 2.12% over the first three months of 2011 and, while the annual increase is 6.73%. Currently square meter is traded against 4000 EUR. The volume of sales in the period April to June rose by 8.5% compared... More >

Varna - first of expensive real estates


In Bulgaria the average price per square meter, according to calculations of the NSI is 901.32 Euro In the third quarter of this year, the properties in Varna are down with 1 percent, reported the National Statistics Institute. Bulgaria average price per square meter, according to calculations of the NSI is 901.32 Euro. Remain the most expensive properties in Varna, 1493.33 euro/square meter, they can rank the properties in Sofia - 1456.48 EUR/sq.m. With the 1184.41 €/square meter, others are properties in Burgas. More >

The building with the highest gardens


In the heart of the largest residential area in Singapore - Bishan Central, the building will be built with the highest gardens. It is the work of architect Moshe Safdi. CapitaLand Residential Singapore consist of two buildings with 38 floors, of which there are 500 apartments. Specifically, the two buildings will be interconnected through the garden and pool on the roof of the building. The step becomes available to each floor apartment in a sort of house with balcony and panoramic view of downtown Singapore. Nearly 70% of the terrain on which will be located two buildings will be landscaped.... More >

The newest hit on the Property market


Hybrid properties are residential and office space, which can easily be converted from one into another. They will become the latest to hit the real estate market especially in times of crisis. For example, if you are experiencing a shortage of office space, the building became a business center. If there is an influx of homes for rent, former offices are easily converted into apartments. Of course, a kind of "metamorphosis" cost a lot of forces, time and money to the owner, but such an investment worthwhile, especially in days of crisis is the opinion of experts. The first complex of buildings... More >

Parking places already with Notary Deed


Parking spaces will have the status of individual objects such as garages and can be bought and sold. Such changes in the Law on Spatial offers lawmaker from GERB Emilia Radeva. Some time ago by "24 hours", he alerted that parking spaces are currently not regulated and their sale is illegal, although often done. Check the newspaper found that their prices vary between 5,000 and 15,000 BGN. In early September, the parliament will convene a working group of deputies of the Legislative Commission, Regional Office, the Cadastre Agency, Notary Chamber and specialists in property law and notary... More >

Garbage fee to be paid per person, not per a property


Fundamental change to the garbage fee prepares GERB. The idea is the fee, to be paid according to the number of people who live in the house or apartment, rather than the property tax assessment, as it is now. It would be fairer because people do crap, not properties. Each household will declare the beginning of the year the number of members who will use the service. This approach is good for small towns, but there are concerns how will it work in the major. Garbage will be paid by the number of people actually living in a property. That will be no calculation of the levy on the tax assessment... More >

The investment in quality home is always stable


"Buying a home from an average high and high grade can always be seen as long-term investment because the value of such properties is maintained and even increased over time." That told for “Trud” Tatiana Emilova, Manager of Residential Property in Colliers International in response to a question that is now profitable to invest in real estate. "Besides offering a better standard of life, property and the middle class (such as homes in gated communities, for example.) have many advantages - quality construction, professional maintenance, security, availability of green areas, parking and... More >

60% of companies worldwide providing for a reduction of their office space


Almost 60% of large organizations in the world have made a prediction of reduced demand for office space as a result of future ways of working. Only seven percent expect the need for office space to grow. The results are from the Global Report Regus and Unwired. "Since the concept of virtuality is becoming increasingly popular, transforming dynamic adaptability in on the work of companies and establishing a solid business climate for changing the way we work, will become paramount," said Bob Godro, executive vice president of Regus. In his future work involves a reorientation of companies... More >

How much is the rent of a whole beach?


Full beach bike for about BGN 2000 per year may be employed if desired. This shows the last auction for the allocation of sandy beaches. These are more unattractive beaches, not concession. 2310 EUR, excluding VAT, is the initial price against which candidates can operate beach "Bear Hole" in Tsarevo municipality with an area of 3024 square meters. The contracts have a maturity of 5 years, successful companies are hired to clean the shore and provide lifeguards. Only for 1789 EUR including VAT is even earned rent beach Varvara. This is the price that is offered only one contestant - the company... More >

Convert your house into a billboard and get free mortgage!


The recently created American advertising company Adzookie find creative ways to promote their activities and to distinguish the advertising market. For this purpose it will become the facades of houses in large billboards. However, Adzookie will pay the mortgage on the house of the owner of each month, while using the facade of his house in advertising, says CNN Money. Adzookie bid announced on its website this week and only for one day the company has received over 1000 suggestions. This indicates its chief executive officer Romeo Mendoza. One of the answers to offer Adzookie even came from... More >

House Manager becomes a profession


Physical or legal persons, who are not property owners in a building, will be able to assume the functions of house managers. The proposal of the MP Attack Nicholas Pehlivanov was approved today by the National Assembly in the first reading of amendments to the condominium. Professional house managers will perform on a professional real estate management and will be registered with the Ministry of Regional Development and provide change. "The presence of professional managers will improve the quality of management and maintenance of buildings as a whole and will eliminate the possibility... More >

Uncompleted construction projects up to 5 years may be declared as illegal


If the building is not completed until five years after the building permit and will not have act 15 (substantially completed), it is considered illegal construction and eliminates the expense of the owner. This change in the Law on Spatial Planning is asked to submit a lawmaker GERB Luben Tatarski. In his order a change that plan with lawmakers from the region of Blagoevgrad, is to introduce and maximum building projects for renewable energy sources (RES). Ministry of Regional Development is also preparing amendments to the law for a second year. The project is not included in the government's... More >

Bulgaria won the World competition for green architecture


The Bulgarian Students Nikola Encehv and Stefan Vankov won the award for green building design in the category "Students" World Competition Design Against the Elements 2010 ("Design elements for 2010"), which was held in Manila, said organizers of the Bulgarian participation. The project of two students in architecture was awarded as the best ecological solution among participating students from around the world. “Design against the elements” - typhoons, earthquakes, floods, is an international competition for sustainable disaster architecture. He collects architectural solutions from... More >

Interest on housing loans fell by 1.38% per year


The loans are weakened at the end of last year, according to preliminary data of BNB in December 2010. The decrease in mortgage loans last month of last year to levels of 8.34% in BGN and by 7.88 per cent in euros. The decrease on an annual basis is 1.38 per cent and 0.84 percent denominated in euros. In the consumer loans also is experienced a decrease in interest rates reported by the Bank. In December 2010 compared with a year earlier, interest in them fell 1.11 percent to 12.43 percent. On a monthly basis, however, showed growth of interest in the same type of loans. For loans denominated... More >

Varna’s architect with the World nomination for “House tree”


Realization of high-tech arch. Borislav Ignatov, known as the "tree house" or "house with winter garden”, which has already been awarded the prize for innovation of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria for 2010 is now among the nominees for the House of the Year 2010 of the most popular e-world issue for architecture WAN - World architecture news. House Tree located in the vicinity of Varna is a modern sustainable eco concept that an appreciation of the terrain, using renewable energy and minimize carbon footprint. Professional community is impressed by the model tree house that follows... More >

Second National Conference "Passive buildings Bulgaria"


The Second National Conference "Passive buildings Bulgaria" is going to be held on January 27, 2011 in Inter Expo Centre Sofia. The annual forum has set a number of purposes, including showing the development of passive houses in Bulgaria and other European countries, to provide successful examples of newly constructed / renovated passive buildings in the world and the need for the imposition of standards in government regulations, and providing passive building as an attractive business model. The conference will be held within one day in lecture format with a moderator with an opportunity... More >

Central Point is the multifunctional Building of the Year


The modern business and residential complex Central Point, located in the heart of Varna won the prize Building of the Year in category “Multiple buildings”. The facade of the building already has another international recognition: Award Project of the Year 2009 "Hunter Douglas West Europe - Middle East - Africa. The prize is for the most interesting architecture. The award comes as a gift for the official opening of the complex, which was held on December 14. The tape was cut by the two partners Nedyalko Nedelchev and Aleksandar Dimitrov. More >

Countries with the most affordable and most inaccessible homes


Study of the consulting firm Evans determines Morocco ас а country, where housing is most available. The average price of a home is € 144,800 with an average annual income of € 2,145 per household, which means that Moroccans should save an average of 67.5 years to purchase their own home. The study is based on a comparison between the average housing prices and average annual household income. It was conducted in over 40 countries. Second place among the most inaccessible housing loan ис Pakistan, in which housing can be purchased with 40.6 years work. The median price of homes in the... More >

Voted "Tax hut"


After some hesitations the majority of GERB, however, decided to tax buildings estates with tax assessment under the 1680 BGN. Yesterday budget committee of parliament voted on second reading amendments to the Law on local taxes and fees, together with the proposed levy was nicknamed “ hut tax”. Before the discussions in the Committee of Cveta Karayancheva GERB decided to quit it. "We have no final position, but we are in the process of debate. I think this point of law will be abolished," she said. But her prognosis is not true. The motive for the removal of non-taxable minimum for property... More >

The real estate market in Bulgaria is stable


Housing market in Bulgaria is improving and prices slow their decline. This is the commentary of the London-based consultancy firm Knight Frank real estate on the market in the country. Housing prices in Bulgaria have reached its peak in the third quarter of 2008, and currently are 32.2 percent lower than the peak. "The latest quarterly results show improving picture is the Bulgarian housing market, with annual price inflation of -6.0% recorded in the third quarter, compared with -9.7% in the previous quarter," said Evert, Kate Allen. The company cites data from NSI that, at the end of... More >

The most expensive offices - in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo


The most expensive are the offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo financial district of London's West End remains the most expensive office market in the world, according to the updated global ranking of consulting firm CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (CBRE), quoted by The central business district of Hong Kong retains second place, bearing in mind the biggest annual increase in rental costs of office by 34.2 percent. Tokyo remains the third most expensive market, Mumbai retains fourth place, and Moscow - the fifth. The study compared the costs of renting premium office in 175 cities... More >

Bulgarian banks will again lend to foreign nationals


Bulgarian banks will again lend to foreign nationals, which will substantially support the real estate market, struggling. Unicredit Bank was one of the first resumed granting of mortgage loans to overseas investors, from which the service earlier was forced to withdraw because of the crisis. Now the main task of the banks is to convince investors to invest funds in the purchase of items that will help the real estate market can cope with crisis situations. Real estate along the coast enjoy, as always very popular among Russian buyers. About 100 000 Russian citizens have already purchased... More >

Bulgaria - it's time to purchase?


The resent data from real estate agencies in Bulgaria, predict high sales growth, which could begin in spring 2011. Bulgaria offers best ratio of price and quality for those who want to invest in real estate and land. Offering apartments in some cities in Bulgaria from the lowest indicator of € 30,000 and fully finished houses with swimming pools from just € 45,000, there is no wonder that this country is again in top positions in the list of the potential buyers. Real estate agencies in Bulgaria indicate the amendment of the nationality of their clients, many of them are from Russia, Romania... More >

Varna continues to lead in the rankings for the best city to live in


Varna continues to lead in the provisional ranking of the best city to live in. Varna is led by 12,787 readers votes, 315 more than second Blagoevgrad. Thirdly is Plovdiv with 6675 points. Last year's winner in the rankings - Sofia, is only in 11th position with 1457 points. The voting continues until 8 November. The national Study of Darik radio, "24 Hours" and about the quality of life in the big Bulgarian cities, is organized for the fourth consecutive year. Varna twice won first place in the rankings - in 2007 and 2008 This year's "best city to live in Bulgaria will be chosen... More >

Banks finance more than 80% of property value


The fall in property prices and the higher deductibles are the reasons of paying lower monthly installments. "This means less risk, both for people who can more easily devote the amount and the bank," commented Tihomir Toshev, Executive Director of Credit Center. The market is stabilizing and the proof is the behavior of participants. Sellers make more difficult concessions, and buyers seek more quickly finalize transactions. In September 96% of mortgage loans drawn were in euros, and their average monthly amount is 30 260 EUR. In Sofia it is 38 280 EUR, and Varna - 32 620 EUR. For the... More >

Property tax assessments will not increase


The Treasury does not plan to raise property tax assessments, said the mayor of Mezdra Ivan Asparuhov after the next meeting of the association of municipalities with Finance Minister Simeon Djankov. By law, the mayors themselves determine the local taxes. Raising the assessment leads to higher property tax. According Asparuhov, in many municipalities, property tax has already reached the maximum limit set by the Treasury. The conversations of the association with the team Djankov will continue, however it is clear that next year municipalities will receive as much as in 2010. The idea to... More >

Greatest number of buildings in use - in Varna


Varna District is a leader in use in new residential building in the second quarter of 2010 according to preliminary data from the National Statistical Institute. Total 576 new residential buildings have been put into operation in the whole country. Compared with the corresponding quarter of 2009 their number decreased by 20% and homes in their newly reduced by 34.7% and their number is 4119. 116 residential buildings аре already in operation in Varna, Burgas follows - 101 buildings, capital Sofia and Sofia region - respectively 53 and 43 buildings. The total usable area of property in... More >

240 million for property in Monaco


A record 240 million euros for apartment with panoramic view over Monaco paid an investor from the Middle East. This was announced by British newspaper The Telegraph. The apartment "La Belle Époque" (1600 sq. m) situated in the last two floors in a historic building was sold by British entrepreneurs brothers Christian and Nick Candy. "This is probably the largest residential transaction of all time," said the newspaper Telegraph. Monaco and the nearby French resorts like St. Tropez, which are preferred by Russian and Arab billionaires enjoyed the rising price of luxury homes this summer, Release... More >

Rents and installments on mortgages are equaled


The value of mortgage payments withdrawn for the purchase of office property in Bulgaria level with the cost of rent, estimated by the company Creditex, quoted by Russian edition. The situation is the result of the simultaneous fall in rental prices and increased mortgage rates. The average price of Grade A offices in major cities currently estimated at 140-160 per year per square meter, while mortgage costs per year-150 per sq. m. According to a representative of the company, the time is suitable for purchase in order to exit the market for office properties by the crisis. Companies that... More >

Energy audits of 5240 public buildings


From 6450 buildings, state and municipal property so far, has been done an energy audit of 1211. This was announced by Eng Kolyo Kolev, executive director of the Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA), as quoted by Focus Agency. Having in mind the complicated economic situation in the world, maybe this trend will lead to delay payment by this deadline to 2011, all buildings, state and municipal property to be investigated, he added. According to the head of the EEA individual households invest in measures insulation, replace windows, doors, replace the heating system components, buy air conditioners,... More >

Property in Bulgaria - buy now!


Property prices in Bulgaria will one day reach the level of prices in western Europe - experts prophesy. With purchasing of property in Bulgaria, the buyer automatically acquire a two-year visa for the EU, together his/her family. These are two of the arguments in a comprehensive publication for real estate in Bulgaria for the independent Russian agency RWAY (Aruey). Here are the details: Already a long time Bulgaria is among the best real estate markets in Europe. Compared with other countries, the overheads are low in Bulgaria and the level of operating services themselves - high. Foreign... More >

Varna launched the construction of sports complex


SK Spartak JSC starts tomorrow building a modern sports complex in Varna, announced Ingstroy Holding, which is the majority owner of the complex. The first sod of the new building was dedicated 92 years of the club Spartak, which was founded on August 28, 1918 The project started with the construction of mini football pitches in the west wing. To construct four mini soccer pitches and 6 tennis courts. Planned are also two buildings with a fan club-restaurant with 144 seats, fan shop, press room, rooms for coaches, locker rooms and more. There are 2 separate parking lots with a total... More >

Building permits for housing increased


For the period April-June 2010 were issued building permits for 3,933 homes with more than 508,000 square meters built up area, according to the statistics. Interesting is the growth of construction permits from the first quarter of the year - the number of buildings it is 46%, and built up area - 41%. But it retains a negative growth compared to the second quarter of 2009 - 21.3% less are buildings, 12.7 percent fewer homes in them. If you go back to the data statistics, we see that now issued for the second quarter building permits for homes are approaching the most in absolute terms, the results... More >

Bulgaria attracts tourists from Mediterranean countires


The demand for tourist services in Bulgaria this season has reached the level before the crisis. According to tour operators, the popularity of Bulgaria as a tourist destination is a fact, mainly due to the large number of tourists who are accustomed to rest in the more expensive European countries, because of declining revenues, are forced to switch to more affordable countries such as Bulgaria. Expected sales of the tour operators this season will increase by 25-30% compared to the last year. "The increase is large enough, so we hope to reach the levels of before last year", - stated the... More >

Bulgaria with record growth of Commercial Space in 2010...


A record amount of new commercial space was opened in Bulgaria in the second quarter of 2010, according to a report of Forton International, a property advisory company. A total of 163 000 square meters of new commercial space was inaugurated in April-June 2010, Forton says, currently estimating the total commercial space in the country at 485 000 square meters. The new commercial space was mostly the result of the opening of new commercial complexes and shopping malls in Sofia, Varna, and Plovdiv. The second quarter included the opening of “The Mall”, the country’s largest shopping... More >

20 countires, in which property prices raise up


Despite of the ongoing concerns about the global economy, rising property prices continues, in more than half of the world, for the period between the first quarter of 2009 and first quarter of 2010, informs CNBC, citing an index of property consultancy Knight Frank. Aziatskotihookeanskiyat region experienced the highest growth in property prices - an average of 17.8%. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Baltic States rank at the bottom of an annual decline in house prices from over 30%. Average prices of homes in rural parts of the emerging markets is difficult to be established, but data for premium... More >

Who is most active on the mortgage market?


The most active borrowers are people aged between 26 and 35 years. They constitute more than 63% of all data of a consulting firm Credit Center. Older users of home loans - those between 36 and 45 years are the next group activity, their share is 29.4 percent of all. Younger borrowers, namely those between 18 and 25 years, in June, to only 1.4 percent of all users of the mortgage loans in the country. The larger percentage deductibles, which guarantees a high level of security is a problem for those users and leaves them in the shadow of the mass average buyer of properties. The number of granted... More >

Foreigners return to Bulgaria


Foreigners who visited our country for vacation and trip in May increased by 21.5 per cent on an annual basis, show the statistic of regular NSI. Their number is 254 264. The total number of foreign visits, which includes transits, "other purposes", business trips and visits, growing 6.2 per cent for the month compared to most 2009 and reached 593 000. Besides visits and holiday excursion, the transit operations had increased too. They rose by 6.6 per cent. The visits in the box "other" purposes - had increased with 5.4 per cent. At the opposite pole, however, are the visits for work... More >

Banks place in Internet how they count the base interest


Banks will publish on their websites information about how the base rate on consumer loans is calculated. The commitment was approved by parliament on first reading yesterday. Amendments to the law for this type of credit was introduced a few days after the entry into force on May 12. The definition of base rate now, determinate the base that it can not depends only on market index, but on the creditor with its methodology. According to Yanaki Stoilov, there is no limit for the bank to change its methodology. He described the new change as "minimal, shyly proposal and requested to be rejected.... More >

Where the properties are most expensive and cheapest?


In the first quarter average price of properties in Bulgaria was at a level of 978.66 BGN, according to NSI. This is to decrease their cost 1001.72 BGN in the last quarter of last year and 1 299.95 BGN compared to the first of last year. Competition between the prices in the capital and the city of Varna continued. In the first quarter Varna is outstripping price levels. There, the average price per square meter was at a level of 1 633.83 BGN. For comparison, in Sofia the average price was at a level of 1558.33 leva. The third highest property prices in Bulgaria are the prices in Burgas,... More >

The Mall - the largest mall in the country, opened


Тhe largest shopping center in Bulgaria - The Mall opened on 21.04.2010. Hours before the doors had opened, about 2000 people were waiting to be among the first, who see the large-scale facility inside. It is located on Tsarigradsko Shosse, 5 km from the city center and 6 km from Sofia Airport. 66 000 sq m with 185 stores, a large number of Bulgarian and foreign brands, restaurants and entertainment venues. In the mall opens the first hypermarket in Sofia chain retailer - Carrefour ("Carrefour"), spread on 9000 square meters area. The company opened its first facility in the country a... More >

Even overrated, the prices of Real Estates in many countries are going up


Housing markets continue to stabilize, according to the latest survey of “The Economist” for the global housing prices, covering 20 major economies. According to the latest available data, however, half of the 20 markets examined housing prices are already higher than 12 months ago. Since the publication of the data at the end of the last year, the housing appreciation has accelerated in each of the seven states, where the amendment has already been positive. In Hong Kong, the prices are over a quarter of their value in a year earlier. With the exception of Ireland, the rate of decline... More >

New products on the Construction market


The large companies producing construction materials don't refuse to develop new products. In the most cases they are related with improving the energy efficiency and comfort for occupants of the new buildings. Two new developments "Xella Bulgaria - Extra blocks Ytong A + and Ytong Multipor were presented in Sofia in front of media professionals. Most of the Mall as feeds are made from plants produced from aerated concrete blocks in Bulgaria and some of the largest representative office buildings and embassies in Sofia. Boyko Penev said that wall of 30 cm of new blocks of Class A + meets the... More >

About 80% of the area in Grand Mall Varna already rented


The Investment company Orchid Developments Group Limited has entered into preliminary agreements for lease for 33 thousand square meters of land in Grand Mall Varna, and for other 7 thousand square meters is currently negotiating with potential tenants. This represents about 80% of the total leasing space in shopping centers. From Orchid, which is listed on London Stock Exchange, saying that the company has full funding for the project through bank loans, as the mall is expected to open in May 2010 Among the key tenants of the center are Carrefour, Zara, Pull & Bear and others. According... More >

Bulgaria - number one destination for Russian real estate market


The first Russian contest for real estate abroad is organized by the Moscow branch of the prestigious British journal "Homes Overseas". Between 250 requests for participation, were selected 18 projects, three of them were Bulgarian. Two are at the seaside - in Sozopol and Shkorpilovtsi and one in Pamporovo. According to Russian news agencies that offer Bulgarian properties, the crisis has not affected interest in the acquisition of a holiday home in Bulgaria. It showed a few days ago and completed its first for this year's exhibition of Bulgarian properties in Moscow. In addition to attractive... More >

The new buildings have 10 years warranty


Often the new construction is not so qualitative as the old panel buildings. This is the opinion of experts from the construction industry and the lawyers defending the affected customers. Often cheaper properties cost more than the expensive! However, your are a victim and the builder refused to pay attention when your roof has occurred, you should know that you have rights. According to the Law the new building, have warranty periods that are mandatory for every entrepreneur. They run from the date of issuance of the permit for use. Minimum periods in which the guarantee applies, are... More >

Quaint restaurant on a tree in New Zealand


The limits of the human imagination and fantasy have no limits. People invent all sorts of things just to attract more attention and cause a sensation. Evidence for this is the Yellow Tree House Restaurant in New Zealand, which is a small restaurant, built on the high branches of redwood. This is the first restaurant on the tree now in the country, which opened on January 9, 2009. The restaurant quickly became a major attraction among the majority of people here, and not only among them-even among visitors to the country. This project was made by the company Pacific Environments Architectures... More >

Properties under 10 000 Euro will be paid in cash


Controversy about the new rules on real estate transactions continue at full steam in the National Assembly. And will allow payment by hand, if the buyer owes no more than 10 000 BGN, provides this option ready for final adoption in plenary. This applies mainly to small rural and agricultural property, said Emil Radev (GERB) by the legal committee. The project submitted by the government provided from 1 January to pass all transactions through a bank, a seller and buyer to sign a notarized statement that the amount transferred is the true price. Many lawmakers, including. of GERB, opposed to... More >

Moscow invests 33 million dollars in complex Kamchia


City of Moscow will invest 1 billion rubles (over 33 million dollars) in the development of health resort complex Kamchia, which is owned by the Russian capital.The department of family and youth policy is responsible for preparing the program for the development of the complex for the period 2011-2012 year. Moscow authorities have gained healing complex Kamchia seven years earlier to 2.1 million. Since 2003 the complex was repaired, but the establishment has long needed additional input. The International Children's Complex is located on area of 300 acres at the mouth of Kamchia river, 25 km... More >

231% growth in investment in commercial properties in CEE


Direct investment in commercial properties in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has surged by 231 percent for the second half of 2009 compared to the first. Total of 1.606 billion euros were invested in the region during the period compared with 486 million euros in first six months. This Central and Eastern Europe ranks first in growth among the markets in Europe. CEECs is followed by Germany and France increased by 116 and 102 percent respectively, according to a report of the consultancy firm CBRE. Europe-wide growth is 71% for the second half as the investment is almost 44 billion... More >

The largest property deal in CEE countries since 2007.


British investor made the acquisition of a portfolio of shopping centers in Poland, which according to various sources is the biggest investment in the region since 2007. Real estate investment company MGPA acquired two commercial centers in Poland and an option to purchase a third, in a deal totaling 236 million euros. Transaction is carried out by the fund MGPA Europe Fund III, part of a larger fund MGPA Global Fund III, which in 2008 registered capital investors with a total volume of 5,2 billion dollars for investment in Europe and Asia. European Fund in turn attracted 1.3 billion dollars.... More >

Postponed ban on cash transactions for property.


The introduction of the rule that all real estate transactions to pay via bank transfer only from 1 January 2010. is postponed to the summer. The reason is that the parliament failed to adopt changes in the law of notaries prohibiting cash payments. The project of the government only passed first reading in the legal committee. "In the best case, the law could be approved in two readings in parliament in late January, predicted Iskra Fidosova, chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the National Assembly, which is also a notary by profession. According to her, then it is necessary awareness campaign... More >

Bulgaria is in the Top 10 tourist destinations in Eastern Europe


The analyst GIATA-Ranking Agency announced that Bulgaria is the only Eastern European country, included in the top 10 of the preferred tourist destinations of Germans, and held honorary penultimate place. The first positions take Spain and Majorca. The research is a result of 16 000 entries in the tourist offices in Germany, offering holidays in 60 000 hotels worldwide. This means that despite the complaints of German tourists because of the increasing of our prices, the tourist services in Poland and Czechoslovakia, are significantly more expensive than Bulgaria. At the same time jump in the... More >

The largest office building in the world entirely on solar energy in China


Building a huge fan of the format in China is the largest office building in the world powered entirely by energy from the sun, announced The building was opened in late November Dadzhou city in Shandong province in the northwestern part of the country. Multifunctional building has a total area of 75 thousand square meters and includes exhibition centers, research facilities, conference rooms, training rooms and hotel. The design of the building is inspired by the principles of the solar clock, dominating the white color. Construction was emphasized in a number of green... More >

The buildings of 2009 - the winnerrs are already selected.


Objects of public importance, bold investments in the regions; buildings, which pledged to implement and cleared functionality interesting conversions and projects originated modern urban areas, were award winners in the eighth edition of the National Contest Building of the Year. The jury also assess best practices and trends in contemporary architecture, construction and investment, respect for the environment and advances in design and development of architectural images. Jury regulation change by deciding to broadcast only winners in various categories, and to set special prizes for interesting... More >

Positive trends in the mortgage market in our country ...


Positive trends in the mortgage market in our country and continued through November, the average amount spent on mortgages for first time this year more than 40 thousand euros, indicates an analysis of KreditTsentar. The average amount of loans drawn for the country in November was 40 487 euros and the ratio of euro / euro is 88 to 12 in favor of European currency. In October the average was 36 800 EUR, a year earlier, in November 2008 - almost 38 700 euros. Inquiries in November rose by 15%, mainly banks attract "quality" borrowers. The company's data showed that about 40 percent of all... More >

From January 1, 2010 all payments for real estate transactions will be conducted only by bank transfer.


From January 1, 2010 all payments for real estate transactions will be conducted only by bank transfer. These changes provide for Notaries and notary activity, which the government will discuss in tomorrow's meeting, told the government news service, quoted by BTA. Before the notary seller and the buyer will specify the account under which you will make payments (single or staggered) between them. This may be a special bank account or account of the notary in their chosen bank. The purpose of the legislative change is to prevent opportunities for the use of real estate transactions for money... More >

Investment in commercial properties in Europe started to grow.


Investment in commercial properties in Europe reached 5.1 billion in the third quarter of 2009 marked the end of this plateau of activity, which amounted to 4.2 billion in each of the three previous quarters. Thus the total activity in the sector of retail space in the first nine months of the year amounted to 13.7 billion - just one-third of total investment in commercial properties in Europe for the period, according to consultancy firm CB Richard Ellis, cited by PropertyEU. The company said that investment in commercial areas during the first nine months were concentrated in a few markets,... More >

ECB takes first step towards exit, more due in Dec


FRANKFURT (Reuters) – The European Central Bank took its first step toward unwinding its extraordinary support measures for the euro zone economy on Thursday by signaling one-year loans to banks will not be repeated next year. The ECB kept its main interest rate on hold at 1 percent for the sixth month in a row and ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet promised to announce a decision on the rest of the central bank's policy of flooding markets with cheap and abundant funds in December. Allowing one-year lending to expire after the operation scheduled for December 16 would already be a step... More >

Building of the Year National Contest 2009.


Building of the Year National Contest is organized by Stroitelstvo Gradat weekly under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and is supported by various real estate organizations. The purpose of the contest is to select the best Bulgarian architectural, construction, town-planning and investment practices within a one-year period. The official award-giving ceremony and the gala dinner summon leading local development and investment companies. This year, the event will be held on December 15 at Kempinski Hotel Zografski, Sofia and will be broadcasted on the Bulgarian... More >

Increasing of the gambling tax in Bulgaria.


Ivan Kostov, leader of the right-wing Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) called for a ban on gambling in Bulgaria, Bulgarian news agency Focus said on October 20 2009. "Currently taxation on gambling in Bulgaria fails to contribute significant funds to the Budget while the damage gambling causes is huge," said Kostov, a former prime minister and former finance minister. "People who lobbied to keep gambling free of excise duties lied that this would bring higher revenue to the Budget and that the state would get money in return. I support the idea of a complete ban on gambling in Bulgaria,... More >

EBRD supports small businesses in Bulgaria...


The EBRD’s Board of Directors has approved a €50 million credit to UniCredit Bulbank in Bulgaria in order to support the Bulgarian economy in response to the global economic crisis. The loan is part of the EBRD’s response to the global financial crisis, providing a flow of finance to the real economy in Bulgaria at a time of scarce alternative commercial funding. Subject to the conclusion of legal documentation, the proceeds of this five-year credit would be used to provide medium and long-term financing to private SME companies, with a maximum of 249 employees and a maximum turnover... More >

Berlusconi to Visit Bulgaria in October at Borisov's Invitation


Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is coming to Bulgaria for an official visit in October 2009. This became clear after he met with Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, in Gdansk, Poland, during the events dedicated to the remembering the 70th year since the start of World War II. The Foreign Ministries of Bulgaria and Italy have started to prepare the visit immediately because of the short time. Borisov was congratulated by Berlusconi, as well as by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, about the reforms that his government of the GERB has started to introduce in Bulgaria in the... More >

Park Pirin to be inlarged...


“National Park Pirin” is situated in the South- West part of Bulgaria between the valleys of the rivers Mesta and Struma. This is the most beautiful, glorious and most visited part of the mountain. The park has been enlarged several times and presently it is spread on a territory of 40 356 hectares. The landscape on the territory of the park is mostly with alpine character and has been sculptured by the nature for millions of years. More than 80 mountains have latitude higher than 2500 meters. In the granite sector of the mountain there are more than 180 alpine lakes. The flora and fauna... More >

Key factors in determining the correct price of housing


To determine the initial price of a home is one of the most important factors in achieving a deal for the sale under conditions similar to those we have set. For this purpose it is necessary to work in cooperation with the broker to enable the best to study the market in the present circumstances, and through this to determine the most accurate fair market value of the property. Canadian broker Evan Seydzh outlines in his personal blog several models for determining the price. In this respect, there are different tactics, which vary depending on whether house or apartment, depending on their... More >

Expectations of Bulgarian Real Estate Market for 2009


Regarding the sales prices of residential properties in Bulgaria in 2009 are expected to decline or at best stagnation of price levels for quality projects. After the initial drop in the first half of 2009, we expect more activity in the housing market in the second half of 2009, when buyers will accept the new price levels as advantageous, and will begin to buy, forecast in its annual analysis of Fortan. On the Housing market in Bulgaria prices grown rapidly over the past two years, until the stage in which price was the most determining factor for the account of the location and quality. Now... More >



After yesterday the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Development approved the project for a moratorium on the disposal transactions and construction on public lands in the Black...



The full exploitation of the airport \\\"Varna\\\" will begin on February 29. This was announced by the governor Dancho Simeonov. Airport stopped working because of repair of October...



Bulgarian-U.S. relations are wide and thorough, says Hillary Clinton The relations between our two countries are wide and thorough, visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...


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